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Ari's Yammerings - A Dozen Do's and Don'ts for Decent Busking 

Hi.  Well, we've been in Salmon Arm for about 2 months now, and I'd have to say, it's been a welcome change from the hustle in Vancouver.  My "day job" was busking in the train stations in Van.  I called the train station my office.  I call coins shrapnel.  A good day for me would be a few handfuls of shrapnel, some paperwork and a few CDs sold.  That and then seeing kids dancing to the tunes.  Kids are the best part of busking for me.  But, towards the end of my time living in Van, I was startin' to get a…Read more

Old News - 2016 

December 6 

Jasmin here, writing an update from our new home in Salmon Arm.  The snow and cold has settled on the land and we are busy renovating this beast.  Walls have been torn down, new walls have gone up, random leaks have sprung from pipe's and a house that had been left absolutely full of junk now has considerably less stuff in it.  And though there constantly seems to be more work to do than we could have imagined, it is all pretty satisfying and the idea that this could be a place to come home to…

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